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If you’re seeing this, you’re one of the first people to view my site using the url! This site is hosted using netlify, but using some CNAME and A records, it’s appearing at

About Me#

well, you’re here, might as well.

Pronouns: She/Her/They/It#

This means that i’m ok with you just using she/her but i would prefer it if you used she/her, they/them, and it/its interchangably

Sexuality: Pansexual#

pots ‘n pans

Gender Identity: Female#

(eyes pop out) AWOOGA (skin starts vibrating at a non-finite speed) a WOMAN


  • Gaming
    • Minecraft
    • Bloons Tower Defence 6 (tower defence games are real games istg)
    • Halo (all of them)
    • a few other games
  • Programming (if it wasn’t obvious)
    • Javascript (if you tell me to use typescript im going to throw you in to the middle of the atlantic ocean)
    • Python (if you tell me that python isnt a real programming language im going to violently disassemble you.)
    • C#
    • Java
    • HTML (if you tell me that web dev is not real dev i will turn you into 3 seperate children)
    • CSS
    • Batch (i use windows please beat me up)
    • SQL (this is a lie)
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